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1:1 Coaching Sessions

My goals when approaching ANY session is to provide CLARITY, COMPASSION and GROWTH ACTIVITIES for each of my clients to move into their lives more equipped to function as their best and highest selves.

Typing Session



If you have taken all the tests, watched all the videos, read all the books are are STILL confused as to what your type might be - it's time to talk to a professional. 
(or...even if you haven't done all of that  and just want a shortcut)
In this typing session we will discuss the types you THINK you might be, and walk through each one. I will ask you key and pointed questions to help reveal what the motivations of your heart are, and then give you some "homework" to grow in your type and continue finding greater freedom.

Power Coaching Session



Power coaching is goal-oriented coaching using the Enneagram and the insights it offers us to approach a specific relationship, event, habit or situation with the goal of being more balanced in our personality. 
Every time we experience friction in our life it is the direct result of living in EXCESS in our personality - when we identify how this is playing out in our lives, and put into practice the growth activities I provide after each session, it is INCREDIBLE to see the growth and freedom that presents itself. 

Typing Session + 2 Power Coaching Bundle



The most common question I'm asked after typing someone is "what do I do now?" How do I take this new found information and make my life better?
This bundle gives you the typing session PLUS two follow up power coaching sessions so we can work through where your type might be keeping you in bondage and creating undo friction in your life. 

Power Coaching Bundle



This bundle allows you a consistent schedule of coaching - most of my clients book the four sessions each week, giving them a month of focused work on an area of their choice. 
This is also a popular choice for couples wanting to explore how the Enneagram impacts their marriage, communication styles, goals, strengths and weaknesses. 

Group & Corporate Trainings

I LOVE group trainings. Learning the Enneagram as an individual is amazing, but learning the Enneagram TOGETHER with your team, your corporation or your family is powerful.
When a team, group or family understands the different personalities, perspectives, view points and motivations of the individuals they life and work with, magic is unlocked. 
Communication improves, space is made for differences, strengths are aligned in ways that make sense and make life easier and better. 
I have two types of group and corporate trainings I offer: 
1) Corporate trainings and workshops. 
I recommend at least 2 hours to get through all the material and also provide time to work through what this material MEANS for your team. 
2) Family Sessions
This is not the same as "family counseling" but simply UNCOVERING the different personalities in your family and how each of them interact, communicate and what they value. 
Once your family has this understanding as a foundation all the other work that needs to be done to create a strong and compassionate family falls into place. (I'm also especially good at fostering these sessions in such a way that skeptical members are disarmed, made to feel safe and ultimately won over)
This is MOST often booked by families with young adult children who are leaving the home soon, as this is a pivotal time both for the children to discover themselves and how they are, and parents to start seeing their children and themselves in a new way - both transitions being potentially difficult to navigate and MUCH helped by and understanding of the Enneagram. 

Dynamic, full of vulnerability and humor, Vanessa Fernandez has been public speaking for 12 years and knows how to teach, inspire, uplift and challenge, all at the same time. 

Speaking at a variety of venues such as churches, corporate trainings, leadership summits and virtual webinars. Serving individuals and teams from direct sales, corporate teams and non-profit groups, she has experience speaking to a wide range of industries and demographics.

Her delivery not only gives the audience a greater understanding of the Enneagram as a system but will leave them with PRACTICAL and tactical help so the Enneagram can get RIGHT to work, improving individuals and teams. 


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